Integrating Remote Manager with Autotask

  1. Log on to the Autotask web console at
  2. Go to the Autotask Logo Menu > ADMIN.

    The ADMIN screen appears.

  3. Expand APPLICATION-WIDE (SHARED) FEATURES and click Incoming Email Processing.

    The INCOMING EMAIL PROCESSING screen appears.

  4. Hover over the Add Ticket Email Service (ATES) menu icon () and click Edit.


  5. Make a note of your Service Provider ID and Service Provider Password, so you can enter these details later.
  6. Log on to the Remote Manager web console.
  7. Go to Administration > Configure third-party integration.
  8. In the Autotask section, select Enable Integration, and then type the Logon ID and Logon password you noted down earlier. From the Language drop-down menu, select your preferred language.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Go to the Customers screen.
  11. Select the company you want to receive Autotask notifications from.
  12. Click the Notification tab.
  13. Select Me as the recipient to ensure that you will receive email notifications. Add additional recipients, if necessary, by typing their email addresses in the Additional recipients field.
  14. Select Autotask from the Third-party notifications list.
  15. Select one of the following options:
    • Use default real-time email notification settings

    • Use custom settings