Report FAQs

Is there a limitation on the number of reports that can be stored?

Yes. Remote Manager limits the number of stored reports. After the quota is met, older reports are automatically deleted. The number of reports that are stored is:

  • Daily reports: A maximum of 30 reports are stored.

  • Weekly reports: A maximum of 10 reports are stored.

  • Monthly reports: A maximum of 5 reports are stored.

Why is there no new report generated in the report history after creating a one-time report profile?

Wait for one or two minutes after creating the report profile. The report will show up in the report history. If the report still cannot be generated, open the report profile and save it again. If the issue persists, contact Trend Micro support.

Why can't I receive daily/weekly/monthly reports via email when there are reports in report history?

Make sure the customer's email address is valid and is in the list of report profile recipients. If both are OK, it may be a network issue.

On a generated report, why isn't the data time displayed according to my time zone?

The time zone that the report depends on is the one that the reseller selected when creating the profile. It is not determined by the customer's computer.

What does the "N/A" means after creating a one-time report?

For a one-time report, the status column will always show "N/A". This happens because there is no status for the one-time report (cannot disable, enable, suspend, etc.).

Cannot view reports when using SSL (HTTPS) connections.

"Do not save encrypted pages to disk" is a security setting for Internet Explorer and comes into play when dealing with SSL (HTTPS) connections. If you check this setting, nothing will be saved to the cache, and you will not be able to open or download reports.

In order to fix this in Internet Explorer 11.0, click Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Security and disable the Do not save encrypted pages to disk option.