Maximizing Ransomware Protection FAQs

What happens when I click the Maximize Ransomware Protection button on the Home screen?

The Maximize Ransomware Protection for Worry-Free Business Security Services for All Customers screen appears.

Clicking Enable All automatically enables the following features for all your customers for all groups, except the Server (Default) group"

  • Behavior Monitoring

    • Ransomware Protection

  • Web Reputation

  • Newly Encountered Program Detection

How can I verify that all ransomware-related settings are enabled?

Verify that all ransomware-related settings are enabled on the Security Settings tab on the Customers screen.


You can only verify that the Newly Encountered Program Detection feature is enabled by opening the Worry-Free Business Security Services console.

  1. Go to Customers > {Company}.

    The {Company} screen appears.

  2. On the Products tab, expand the Worry-Free Business Security Services product plan in the product tree.
  3. Select Device (Default).

    The Devices and Security Settings tabs appear.

  4. Click the Security Settings tab.

    The following screen appears:

  5. Under Web Reputation, verify that the following feature is enabled:
    • Enable Web Reputation

  6. Under Behavior Monitoring, verify that the following features are enabled:
    • Enable Behavior Monitoring

    • Enable all ransomware protection features

  7. Click Save.

    Agents are notified to make the changes.

What are the risks of enabling Ransomware Protection?

Enabling Ransomware Protection features may pose any of the following risks:

  • Enabling Behavior Monitoring and Ransomware Protection may cause some compatibility issues with certain applications.

    To resolve this issue, add the applications to the Exceptions list or disable Behavior Monitoring and Ransomware Protection.

    If the issue persists, contact your support provider.

  • Enabling the automatic backup feature of Ransomware Protection requires an additional storage space of 100MB.

  • Enabling Program Inspection increases the detection of compromised executable files and the overall detection ratio but may decrease system performance.