Configuring Default Setting Templates for Worry-Free Business Security Services

The Worry-Free Business Security Services default settings console is only available in "Classic mode".

Default setting templates are available only if Trend Micro Remote Manager integrates with Licensing Management Platform.

For more information on the configurable settings, refer to the product documentation.

  1. Go to Administration > Configure default setting templates.

    The Configure default setting templates screen appears.

  2. In the Worry-Free Business Security Services section, click Create or Edit to manage template settings.

    To remove all settings for an existing template, click Reset. Trend Micro Remote Manager removes all settings for the template.

    The Create/Edit Template screen appears

  3. Type a Template name.
  4. (Optional) Type a Description for the template settings.
  5. Click Configure Template.

    A console similar to the Worry-Free Business Security Services console opens.


    Settings configured on this console do not affect registered products.

  6. Configure the required settings.

    After configuring any of the following settings, ensure that you click Save to apply the changes to each screen.



    Global Security Agent Settings

    • Policies > Global Security Agent Settings

    • Security Agents > Configure Global Settings > Global Security Agent Settings

    Global Exception Lists

    • Policies > Global Exception Lists

    • Security Agents > Configure Global Settings > Global Exception Lists

    Scan policies

    • For server platforms: Security Agents > Manual Groups > Server (Default) > Configure Policy

    • For desktop platforms: Security Agents > Manual Groups > Device (Default) > Configure Policy

    Administration settings

    • Administration > General Settings

    • Administration > Notifications


    Although other settings appear on the Administration screen, Trend Micro Remote Manager only deploys the settings configured on the General Settings and Notifications screens. Trend Micro Remote Manager ignores all other settings.

  7. Click Done to save the template settings.