Administration Settings

The Administration screen allows you to configure global customer settings, Remote Manager console settings, view and set up third-party software integration, and view system logs.



System Settings

  • Configure notifications: Allows you to configure the global notification settings


    Trend Micro recommends configuring global notification settings in such a way that the settings can apply to most of your customers. Global settings provide a quick way to configure individual customer notifications, although you can customize notification settings on a per customer basis.

    For more information, see Configuring Global Notification Settings.

  • Console settings: Allows you to change the banner image that appears on the Remote Manager console

    For more information, see Configuring Console Settings.

Third-party Integration

  • View the current status of the Remote Manager features integrated with third-party software

  • Configure third-party integration: Allows you to enable integration with supported third-party software and configure global integration settings

    For more information, see Integrating Third-Party Solutions.

  • Generate API key: Allows you to generate or revoke an API key (Access token and Secret key) that you can use to integrate Remote Manager with third-party programs

    For more information, see Generating an API Key.

Default Settings for Products/Services

Configure default setting templates: Allows you to configure the entire managed product/service console settings that you can apply to new or existing customers


Configuring templates can help save you time by preconfiguring security policies and exception lists for the managed product, which you can later apply to multiple customers.


Remote Manager only supports default setting templates for Worry-Free Business Security Services and Cloud Edge.

For more information, see Default Setting Templates.

System Logs

Administration logs: Displays information related to Remote Manager console changes made by users

For more information, see Viewing Administration Logs.