Managing Service Plans

  1. Click Users & Licenses > Service Plans.
  2. Click the Create Service Plan button.
  3. Specify a unique Service plan name.
  4. (Optional) Select or clear the Enable this service plan check box as required.
    • Disabling a service plan will not impact customers to whom the service plan has already been assigned.

    • This option is only available when modifying a service plan.

  5. Select the Product/Service associated with the service plan.
    • If you select a product or service to which a not for resale license is applicable, the Assign as NFR (not for resale) license option appears.

      • A single NFR license is available for certain products in each region. You are permitted to use the NFR license for training and testing purposes at no cost.

      • After selecting this option, Licensing Management Platform automatically configures all other settings for the service plan and you can only change the service plan name.

  6. Depending on whether you are creating or modifying a service plan, beside Version type:
    • When creating a service plan, choose either Trial or Full.

    • When creating or modifying a Trial service plan, select Enable trial form for this service plan.

      A trial form URL appears. You can copy and provide the URL to customers to help expedite the trial period sign up procedure for this service plan.

  7. Select the Unit type.

    The types of units available vary by product and region.

  8. Beside Activation policy, select to have the license activate immediately after assigning the service plan, or once a user logs on to the Customer Licensing Portal.

    Only available for SaaS offerings.

  9. Select the Data center associated with the service plan.

    Only available for SaaS offerings.

  10. Beside Managing product/service, select or clear the Remote Manager as required.

    This option is available for certain products and only when modifying a service plan.

  11. Select the Initial license period for the service plan.

    After this period, if you have not enabled automatic renewal, you must renew the license or the license expires.

    • Select Start charge date XX month(s) after license start date to delay the the start of the first billing cycle between partners and customers for this service plan.

  12. To enable Auto-renewal, select Licenses will be renewed automatically, regardless of the initial license period and specify the number of months to auto-renew the service plan for.
  13. Specify the Expiration notification period.

    The license status is visible in the table when you click Users & Licenses > Customers and then click a customer. The status will change from (normal) to (expiring soon) when the license will expire within the specified number of days and change to (expired) after the expiration date.

  14. Click Save.