Creating an MSP Partner Account

  1. To create a new MSP partner:
    • Go to Users & Licenses > Partners and click the Create Partner button.

    • Click the Create Partner shortcut () on the left of the screen.

    The Specify Account Information screen appears.

  2. Provide the following required account items for the partner:
    • Company

    • Company type: Select MSP

    • City

    • State: Can also be the partner's region or province

    • Account name: Must be a unique value for the parent Tier 1 channel

    • User role: Set to "Administrator" (not configurable)

    • Contact person: Both the First name and Last name fields are required

    • Email address


    All other fields are optional.

  3. Click Next.

    The Assign management license screen appears.

  4. Select the Enable Trend Micro Remote Manager check box to integrate this partner with Remote Manager.
  5. From the Data center drop-down, select where your product or service is hosted.
  6. Click Next.

    The Assign product/service licenses screen appears.

  7. If you want to allow this partner to manually refill the license pool, enable the License Pool refill check box.
  8. Select the products or services you want to assign licenses to.
  9. From the Trial Version or Full Version columns, specify the number of units to assign to each license.
  10. Where applicable, select the type of unit to apply to each product or service.

    Units must be of the same type.

  11. Click Save.

    A screen appears confirming that the account was successfully created.