Managing Partner Companies

Use the Partners screen (Users & Licenses > Partners) to manage partner accounts. Licensing Management Platform provides two types of partner accounts: MSP and resellers.


Only users with tier-1 accounts have access to this feature.

The following table outlines the tasks available on the Partners screen.



Search for partner companies

Use the search options above the table to locate specific partner companies based on criteria.

  • Company name: Type the name of the partner company or a partial string to locate companies and press ENTER or click anywhere on the screen to update results

  • Company status: Select an option to filter the partner companies that display in the list

    • Company status: Displays all partner companies

    • Active

    • Suspended

    • Canceled

    For more information, see Modifying the Profile of a Partner Company.

  • Product/Service: Select Product/Service to view all partner companies or select a specific product/service name to view only partner companies currently licensing that product/service

  • License status: Select License status to view all partner companies or select a specific license status to view only partner companies with related licenses

Create new partner companies

Click Create Partner to add a new partnership to the list

Depending on the type of partner company you want to create, the creation process differs. For more information, see:

For more information about partner type permissions, see MSP and Reseller Accounts

Manage partner companies

Click a Company name in the list to manage partner company licenses, accounts, and profiles

For more information, see Managing Individual Partner Companies.

Contact a partner company

Click a Contact Person in the list to open your default email client and send an email message