Managing Individual Partner Companies

Use the individual partner screen (Users & Accounts > Partners > {Company name}) to manage partner company license permissions, service plans, accounts, and contact details.

The following table outlines the sections available on the individual partner screen.


You can only modify the Profile tab settings for "Suspended" partnerships.

You cannot modify any settings for "Canceled" partnerships.

For more information, see Modifying the Profile of a Partner Company.



Partner information banner

Displays the following information:

  • Status: Indicates whether the partnership status is Active, Suspended, or Canceled

  • Type: Indicates whether the partner company is an MSP or Reseller

  • Customers: The number of customers the partner company manages

Licenses tab

Allows for the management of partner licenses

  • License pool refill: Enable to allow the partner to manually create new licenses after depleting the remaining license pool.

    For more information, see Managing the License Pool.

  • Assign Licenses: Click to assign new licenses.

    For more information, see Assigning Licenses to a Partner.

  • Disable Licenses: (MSP partners only) Click to disable the selected license(s), preventing the partner from assigning the license(s) to additional customers.

Management Licenses tab

(MSP partners only)

Select Enable Trend Micro Remote Manager to allow the MSP partner access to the Trend Micro Remote Manager console for the configured Data center

Service Plans tab

(Reseller partners only)

Allows for the management of service plans for Reseller partners

  • Assign Service Plan: Click to make new service plans available to the reseller

    For more information, see Assigning Service Plans to a Reseller.

  • Remove Service Plan: Select an existing service plan and click to remove the service plan from the list

Accounts tab

Allows for the management of individual partner accounts allowed to access the Licensing Management Platform console

Profile tab

Allows you to manage the partner account details and change the partner account status

For more information, see Modifying the Profile of a Partner Company.