Managing the License Pool

  1. Go to Users & Licenses > License Pool.

    The License Pool screen appears.

  2. Locate the product or service from the table.
  3. In the Remaining Licenses column:
    1. Click the button to increase the current license stock.
    2. Click the check icon () to confirm the additional stock increase.
    • For Tier 1 partners, this adds 500 extra seats to the current stock.

    • For Tier 2 partners, this sets the stock to maximum capacity.

  4. For Tier 1 partners, in the Auto-refill Threshold column:
    1. Click Edit.
    2. Type the number of licenses you want to maintain and click the green check icon to confirm the change.

      When the number of remaining licenses is less than the minimum value you selected, the platform will automatically issue 1.5 times the number of the minimum licenses.


      You must select a non-zero number. Putting zero as a value disables the auto-refill feature.

  5. For Tier 2 partners, in the Minimum Licenses column:
    1. Click Edit.
    2. Set the minimum licenses alert threshold, which determines how Licensing Management Platform displays the remaining licenses status icon.
    3. Click the green check icon to confirm the change.