Setting Up the CSV File Using the Provided Template

  1. Click Users & Licenses > Customers.
  2. Click the Import Customers button.
  3. Click Download a sample XLS file and save the file to your machine.

    Use this XLS file to generate the CSV file for import. You should save the XLS file to the same directory that you want to import the CSV file from.

  4. Open the downloaded XLS file.
  5. Ensure that content is enabled by following the steps outlined on the Instructions worksheet in the XLS file.
  6. Fill in the required fields on the Customer Data worksheet. Do not fill in the License Start Date for service plans that are set to activate upon customer sign in.
    Note: All service plan names should be identical with those on the platform. Double-byte characters are allowed.
  7. Double click the Save as CSV button.
    Note: The CSV file is saved in the same directory as the XLS file.