Modifying the Profile of a Customer Company

The Profile tab for a customer company contains contact information, the specific Sign-in URL that the customer company uses to access the Customer Licensing Portal console, and the Status with your company.

  1. Click Users & Licenses > Customers.
  2. Locate and click the company in the table.
  3. Click the Profile tab.
  4. Modify the customer profile information as required.
  5. Select the current Status of the customer.
    • Enabled: The customer accounts and licenses are active

    • Disabled: The customer accounts can no longer access Trend Micro products/services and all licenses associated with the customer company are expired (effective immediately after disabling the customer account)


    You can re-enable a disabled customer profile (and restore associated licenses) at any time. Depending on how long the account was disabled, some configuration settings on product consoles may be lost. For example, if you disable a customer account for 61 days, the customer will be unable to access any Worry-Free Business Security Services logs since the system only maintains logs for 60 days.

    After re-enabling a customer profile, Licensing Management Platform automatically restores all expired licenses and changes the expiry date back to the original expiry date before you disabled the account.

  6. Edit the profile and click Save.