Service Plan Status

The following table describes some of the status icons appearing next to the service plan name.

Table 1. Service Plan Status Icons




License transfer has occurred and disabled the service plan.

End of Sale

The product or service has reached End of Sale. This service plan is still accessible but you will not be able to make changes.


The service plan contains component updates.

To unlock the service plan, select the service plan and approve the changes.


Indicates a "Not for resale" license that partners can use for training and testing purposes at no cost


Only one NFR license is available for certain products in each region.

Scheduled updates

Users have edited the service plan but decided to apply the changes at a later time.


If license crossgrade or component updates occurs to this service plan, these events will overwrite the scheduled updates.


License transfer has occurred and unbundled the service plan. Some licenses from the service plan are now stand-alone.

To check these licenses, select the customer and click the Unbundled Licenses tab.

Updates available

This status appears after users unlock the service plan.

To apply the updates, select the service plan and save the changes.