Service Plans

Use service plans to issue licenses to customers and set up different licensing plans for your products/services and customers.

If there are changes in the product suite components, partners will see the new list in Licensing Management Platform with clear icons showing which product component had been added or which one had been removed. Partners should go through the list and then click Approve to be able to make changes to the service plans. Customers will not see the Approve button. They will only see the new list and the changes in Trend Micro Customer Licensing Portal.

For more information, refer to Verifying Updated Service Plans or Verifying Customer's Service Plans.

Component changes and new service plan assignment may trigger crossgrade. The service plan status will also change accordingly. For more information, refer to Suite Crossgrade or Service Plan Status.

If a product has reached End of Sale, there will be a clear icon beside the service plan in the list. You can still access the service plan, but you will no longer be able to make changes. If a product has reached End of Life, Licensing Management Platform will automatically remove the service plan from the list.

For more information, see Service Plans Overview.