Product Terminology

The following terminology is used with this product and in this documentation:

Table 1. Product Terminology



Activation Code

A numerical code required to enable products/services. You can activate your product/service during installation or anytime after installation. Some services are automatically enabled for you and you do not need to enter the Activation Code.

Customer account

Accounts created for customers using Trend Micro products or services. They can use the platform to log on to and view information about their purchased products and services.

End of Life

Trend Micro will remove these products from Licensing Management Platform and customers will no longer be able to use or access these products. All customer data will also be deleted.

End of Sale

Trend Micro will stop selling these products on the specified date but current customers can still use and access these products.


Licenses are purchased from Trend Micro and are valid for a specified period of time. As long as the license is valid, users can continue to use the product or service according to the terms specified in the license agreement.

Licenses also include details about how many units (seats, endpoints, users, encryption keys) the product or service supports.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) account

An MSP account is a type of partner account.

For details on partner account permissions, see Table 1.

Parent account (Tier-1 account)

The parent account can create and manage all direct accounts as well as branding settings. The parent account has full privileges.

Partner account (Tier-2 account)

Partner accounts are for MSPs and resellers. They can manage licenses for their customers. Their privileges vary based on settings configured through the parent account.

For details on partner account permissions, see Table 1.


Trend Micro offers several types of solutions that can be managed with the platform:
  • Software solutions are hosted on-site.

  • Services or Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are remotely-hosted solutions and can be accessed anywhere as long as there is Internet connection.

  • Suites are a combination of software and SaaS solutions that can be managed on-site or remotely.

Registration Key

Customers use Registration Keys to register products and set up customer accounts on the platform.

The parent account and MSP accounts can use Registration Keys to sell and distribute products and services.

See Registration Keys for more details.

Reseller account

A reseller account is a type of partner account.

For details on partner account permissions, see Table 1.


Units can include seats, endpoints, users, and encryption keys. Each license can be used with a certain number of units. The type of unit depends on the product or service associated with the license.