Navigation Bar

The following table summarizes the different items on the navigation bar and the tasks related to each screen:

Note: Some of the actions and pages below may not be available to you, depending on your privileges. For a complete list of privileges for each account type, see Table 1.
Table 1. The Navigation Bar


Sub Items




  • Search for customers and partners.

  • View and access the status of customer's and partner's licenses.

Users & Licenses


  • Access information and edit settings for partner accounts.

  • Access account information for partner accounts.


  • Access information and edit settings for customer accounts.

  • Assign service plans to customer accounts.

License Pool

  • View license information for different products and services.

  • Request more licenses.

Service Plans

  • View and edit service plan settings for different products and services.

  • Generate Registration Keys.

Registration Keys

  • View the status and detailed information for Registration Keys assigned to different service plans.

  • Void keys that you want to cancel.


Usage Reports

Usage Report provides a way for you to check the number of licences you provisioned, actual units used, and gives you the option to determine the number of units you will be charged, dependent on distributor approval.

Billing Reports

Triggers the Trend Micro billing process.


Only the parent (tier-1) account has this option.


Account Information

  • View and edit your account information.

  • Reset your account password.

Company Information

  • Create additional accounts.

  • Edit account information.

  • View and edit the company profile.

Branding Settings

  • Web Console: Customize the look and feel of the web console.

  • Regional Services: Add and edit regional services.

  • Data Centers: Add and edit data centers.

  • Privacy Statements: Add and edit privacy statements.

  • EULA: Add and edit end-user license agreements.

Email Notifications

  • Templates: Use email templates for email messages to send to your customers whenever certain events occur.

  • Sent Mails: Check and resend the emails that have already been sent.

  • Scheduled Email Notifications: Change the send date of emails that have not been sent, or send the email immediately.

Customer Transactions

  • View and export details about customer transactions.