Account Types


For a complete listing of the role-based permissions for all types of Licensing Management Platform accounts, see:

Licensing Management Platform utilizes the following types of accounts:

Table 1. Key Features

Account Type


Parent Account

(Tier-1 account)

Users with the parent account can create and manage all other accounts as well as branding settings. The parent account has full privileges.

Partner Account

(Tier-2 account)

Partner accounts are for MSPs and resellers. They can manage licenses for their customers. Their privileges vary based on settings determined by the parent account.

For details about partner account permissions, see Table 1.

Customer Account

Customer accounts have permission to view licensing information and sign in to registered services through the platform.

See Email Template Settings for more details.

Signing in is the same for all account types. Open the sign-in screen in your browser, type your credentials and click Sign In. You should get the sign-in URL and your credentials from the user with the parent account. For supported browsers, refer to Supported Browsers.