Usage Reports for MSPs


Only certain regions and user account types have access to usage reports.

MSP partners can review, update, and submit usage reports to the distributor of the MSP. After submitting the usage report, your distributor reviews and either approves or rejects the statement.


Licensing Management Platform automatically submits usage reports to distributors based on a set schedule. If you do not review and comment on report discrepancies before the automatic submission date, penalties will apply.

  1. Go to Billing > Usage Reports.
  2. Use the drop-down control above the table to filter the results for the last 12 months, or for a yearly record.
  3. Click the Report Cycle link to view details or make changes to a usage account.

    You can only make changes to usage reports that are in the "MSP preparing" or "Rejected" status. The Status of usage accounts are as follows:

    • MSP preparing: Licensing Management Platform created the usage report for the given cycle and you can begin to review and change the contents

    • Under review: The MSP or the system submitted the usage report for review by the distributor


      If you do not manually submit the usage report to your distributor, Licensing Management Platform automatically submits the usage report after a specific number of days. The number of days varies by account.

    • Approved: Your distributor reviewed the usage report and accepted the statement

    • Rejected: Your distributor reviewed the usage report and found discrepancies that you must address before resubmitting the report

  4. To make changes to an existing usage report:
    1. Specify the number of Chargeable Units for each service or product.

      You must add a Comment if you have over-provisioned too many units for your account. If you have over-provisioned too many units, the Chargeable Units amount becomes red and the Comments icon displays an exclamation mark ().

    2. Click the Comments icon to add more information for the distributor regarding any discrepancy between the Chargeable Units and the Provisioned Units amounts.
    3. Click Submit to send the usage report to your distributor for review or click Save Draft to apply the changes without sending the usage report for review.