Usage Reports for Distributors


Only certain regions and user account types have access to usage reports.

Distributors must review the usage reports submitted by partners and either approve or reject the reports due to discrepancies. After approving usage reports, Distributors can export and send the reports to Trend Micro for processing.

The following table describes the status types available for billing reports.

Table 1. Usage Report Status Types



MSP preparing

The partner is still reviewing the usage report

Under review

You must review the report details and determine whether to Approve or Reject the report


Either you reviewed and approved the usage report or Licensing Management Platform automatically approved the report


Licensing Management Platform automatically approves all usage reports that do not contain comments from the partners. If Licensing Management Platform automatically submitted a usage report with over-provisioning violations that the partner did not comment on, Licensing Management Platform charges the partner account based on the provisioned units count and flags the report with the Automatically submitted - may require review () icon.


You have reviewed the usage report and determined that discrepancies exist that the partner must address

  1. Go to Billing > Usage Reports.
  2. Query for specific usage report results.
    1. Select the Report cycle year and month from the drop-down lists.
    2. Select the Status of the reports you would like to view.
    3. Select the Partner accounts to view.
      • All: View usage reports from all partners

      • Find: Type a search string to locate specific partner accounts

    4. Click Query.
    5. To export usage report data in CSV format, click Export Reports.
  3. Click the Report Cycle link to view details about a usage report.
  4. If the status of the usage report is "Under review":
    1. Review the details of the usage report.
    2. To export usage report data in CSV format, click Export Report.
    3. Click one of the following buttons:
      • Approve: Informs the partner that the report is complete

      • Reject: Displays a screen on which you must provide reasons that the usage report is not satisfactory. Click Reject again to return the report to the partner for re-evaluation.

      • Back: Returns you to the Usage Reports screen without taking any action on the report