Usage Reports


Only certain regions and user account types have access to usage reports.

Usage reports outline the licensing details for a particular partner on a monthly basis. Licensing Management Platform notifies partners when the monthly usage reports are ready for review and submission to the distributor. Distributors can then approve the monthly usage report or reject the report and request more information.

The following table outlines the information contained within a monthly usage report.



[Partner name]

The name of the partner that submits the usage report to the distributor


The current status of the usage report

Report period

The effective dates of the report


The provisioned product/service name


The type of license units used

Provisioned Units

The number of units provisioned for the product/service

Used Units

The number of units that a product reports in use


Not all products support this function. If no data displays, Licensing Management Platform applies the Provisioned amount as the Chargeable value.

Over Provisioned (%)

The percentage of units that the partner did not use compared to the allocated unit amount

Chargeable Units

The number of units that require billing for this cycle


If there is a discrepancy between the chargeable units and the provisioned units amounts, a warning icon appears. Verify the usage and specify a reason why the discrepancy occurred in the Comments column.


A description from the partner about the line item


A table that outlines the actions taken on the particular usage report