Managing Billing Reports

Distributors can view billing reports in any stage of the billing report cycle, although you can only perform actions on billing reports that are "Under review".

For more information about the information contained within a billing report, see Billing Reports.

For more information about the statuses of billing reports, see Querying Billing Reports.


When viewing a billing report currently in the "MSP preparing" status, only the fields related to the partner's usage report display values and the values may be subject to change once the partner submits the official usage report.

  1. Locate and display the "Under review" billing report you want to manage.

    For more information, see Querying Billing Reports.

  2. Specify the PO number (purchase order number) for this billing report.
  3. Review any discrepancies or partner comments in the Chargeable column.
    • Discrepancy (highlighted cell): Licensing Management Platform automatically highlights the Chargeable field if an over-provisioned violation exists. Hover over the highlighted cell to view the over-provisioned amount (in a percentage).

    • Partner comments (): If the partner added a comment to a particular line item, the comment icon appears. Hover over the Chargeable field to view the comment added by the partner.

  4. Specify any special promotional pricing codes using the Specify link for each line item.

    After Licensing Management Platform verifies the regional promotional code (Bid Desk Number or Promote Code), the unit price or channel margin values become editable, depending on your region.

  5. (Optional) Click Reset Unit Prices and Channel Margins to clear any applied promotional code pricing and reset the unit price and channel margin values to regular rates.
  6. Click one of the following buttons to close the billing report screen:
    • Submit to Trend Micro: Displays a screen on which you can provide comments to Trend Micro about any issues with the billing report

      Click Submit again to official submit the billing report and any comments to Trend Micro.


      Upon submission to Trend Micro, Licensing Management Platform automatically approves the usage report for the partner account.

    • Reject: Displays a screen on which you must provide reasons that the usage report is not satisfactory

      Click Reject again to return the report to the partner for re-evaluation

    • Save Draft: Applies any changes without sending the report back to the partner or submitting the report to Trend Micro

    • Back: Returns you to the Usage Reports screen without taking any action on the report