Scheduled Email Notifications

When creating user accounts, you have the option of sending the emails immediately, or until the date you specify. Use scheduled email to check notification emails if you have already created the account and want to change the date that the system will send the notification email. You can search for a specific email and change the send date or click Send to immediately send the email to the specified recipients.

  1. Click Administration > Email Notifications > Scheduled Email Notifications.
  2. Search for the email that is still in the queue. You can specify any of the following:
    • Date range for the date the email notification should have been sent

    • Template name

    • Company name

    • Type of email

  3. Select the email.
  4. Do any of the following:
    • Click Send Now.
    • Click Change Send Date and select a new date that the notification email should be sent then click OK.