Managing Email Templates

Add, view, and modify available email templates to ensure that partners and customers receive required notifications and the most up-to-date information.


You cannot configure multiple templates for the same event. Licensing Management Platform provides unique templates for events that differ depending on Activation Code requirements.

  1. Go to Administration > Email Notifications > Templates.

    The Administration > Email Notifications > Templates screen appears.

  2. Choose to configure a new template or manage an existing template.
    • To configure a new email template:

      1. Click Add Email Template.

        The Add Email Template screen appears.

      2. In the Email template type drop-down, select the template you want to configure.


        Licensing Management Platform only displays the template types that you have not already configured.

    • To modify an existing email template:

      1. Click the View link beside the Template Name you want to modify.

        The View Email Template screen appears.

      2. View the current template and click Modify Email Template if you want to make changes.

        The Modify Email Template screen appears.

  3. Select Enable Email template to start the automated notification.
  4. Select whether Licensing Management Platform sends the email notification to affected customers directly.
  5. For the "Reset Password" email template, specify the Link validity for the password reset notification.

    Licensing Management Platform only allows the user to reset the password if the user clicks the link before the link validity expiration. If you change the Link validity period, ensure that you update the Message field to reflect the new period.

  6. For the "License Added" email templates, select when to Send this email:
    • Immediately: Licensing Management Platform sends the notification as soon as a new license is provisioned

    • X days before the license starts: Licensing Management Platform sends the email the configured number of days before the activation date for the new license

  7. Specify the email addresses of any Additional recipients to whom you want to notify.
  8. Modify the email notification Subject as required.
  9. Modify the email notification Message as required.

    Licensing Management Platform provides token variables that you can add to the message body. Each email template displays a custom list of available tokens to the left of the Message field.

  10. Click Save.