Changing Account Information

Use this screen to update your account information.

  1. Click Administration > Account Information.
  2. Modify account information as required.
    • Click Reset password to change your current Licensing Management Platform account password.

      The Reset password screen appears. You can then specify the current password, new password, and confirm the new password.

    • Beside the Two-Factor Authentication field, click Configure settings to enable Two-Factor Authentication for your Licensing Management Platform account.


      Two-Factor Authentication requires that you install the Google Authenticator app on a mobile device. When signing into the Licensing Management Platform web console, you must provide your Licensing Management Platform account credentials and then obtain a verification code from the Google Authenticator app in order to access the console.

    • Modify the available account information.

      Table 1. Editable Fields



      Contact person

      Type the first and last name of the account owner.

      Contact number

      (Optional) Type the Area code, Contact number, or Extension of the account owner.

      Email address

      Type the email address of the account owner.

      Time zone

      Select the time zone that all reports and notifications apply for the specified account.


      Select the language that all reports and notifications apply for the specified account.

  3. Click Save.