Configuring Anti-Malware Profiles

Purpose: Configure anti-malware profiles to bolster your gateway security against emerging threats.

Location: Policies > Gateway Profiles > Anti-Malware

  1. Optionally enable the profile.
  2. Optionally enable cloud scanning.

    Enabling cloud scan redirects certain traffic to the Trend Micro protected cloud for further analysis and other traffic on-premises. Disabling cloud scan directs all traffic on-premises.

    Cloud Scan redirects IPv4 traffic to the Web Cloud Scan server for malware analysis. The conventional anti-malware scanner scans IPv6 traffic.

  3. Optionally enable Smart Scan. The conventional anti-malware scanner scans any traffic that Smart Scan cannot scan. Cloud Edge uses conventional scanning if Smart Scan is disabled.
  4. Configure file extensions that bypass scanning.
    • Approved file extensions

      Enter file extensions as a case-insensitive, comma-delimited list (example: png,gif,jpg).

      URLs ending with listed file extensions are allowed without malware scanning.

    • Blocked file extension

      URLs ending with selected file extensions are blocked without scanning.

  5. Click Save.