New Features and Enhancements

Enhancements to the Configuration Test in Quick Setup

The configuration test that is a part of Quick Setup has been enhanced. The Quick Setup tests are now divided into five sections: WAN check, DNS check, WAN router check, Registration Status check, and Cloud Edge Cloud Service check. Test progress through each section is displayed. You can now more easily identify where issues occur, which you can then quickly resolve.

Support for Device Health Check From the On-Premises Console

You can view self-health checks from the Cloud Edge appliance's on-premises console. The health check results can be used to troubleshoot issues and to identify which Cloud Edge components are healthy or unhealthy.

Provides Suspicious Endpoints Security Services to Improve Endpoint Compliance

Suspicious Endpoints provides security services for endpoints. To provide security services, Cloud Edge can provide network access control for endpoints on which C&C callbacks above a configured threshold are detected.

Support for Detection of Phishing Violations

Enabling anti-spam in Email Security gateway profiles also enables detection of phishing as a separate violation type.

Adds Phishing as a new message type, which can be used in the Top Threat Detection widget, Internet Security logs, raw log query, reports, and notifications.

Adds two new Internet Security reports (not selected by default):

  • Top N Users Detected by Anti-Phishing

  • Top N Groups Detected by Anti-Phishing

Separate detection of phishing is not supported in Cloud Edge Cloud Console localization for Japan.

Support for Displaying Client Port and Server Port Columns in Policy Enforcement Logs

Support has been added for selecting the client port and server port columns in the Policy Enforcement raw logs.

Enhancements to IPS Violation Reporting

Adds IPS BID/CVE information to the Internet Security IPS logs (details column of the raw log entries), the IPS reports, and the IPS violation notification.

Support for Downloading and Running Summary Report

Adds support for downloading and running the Summary Report from the Alerts & Reports > Reports screen.