Adding Endpoints to the Exception List

Purpose: Add endpoints to the exception list for WFBSS Endpoint Protection.

Location: Gateways > (gateway name) > NETWORK ACCESS CONTROL > WFBSS Endpoint Protection > General

  1. Add endpoints to the Exception List.
    1. In the Exception List section , click Add. The Add Exception screen opens.
    2. Add endpoints to the exception list by specifying the following:
    Option Description


    Specify a name that helps you identify information about this entry.

    Example: JSmith

    Example: Office

    Address Type

    Choose either IPv4 or MAC.

    IP/MAC Address

    Enter the appropriate information according to the chosen type:

    • IPv4: Enter information as a comma-delimited list.

      Value can be a single IP address, an IP address range, or a CIDR.


    • MAC: Enter a single MAC address

      Example: 00:FF:8A:B9:5A:49

      Example: 00-FF-8A-B9-5A-49

  2. Click Save.
  3. Continue adding endpoints to the exception list as needed. You can add up to a maximum of 256 entries to the exception list.