Managing Your License

Purpose: Register and license Cloud Edge.

Location: Administration > License

  1. View your Cloud Edge license information and agreements and access third-party license agreements.

    For each licensed Cloud Edge appliance, you can view the following details:

    • License status

    • Product/Service (appliance model)

    • Log Forwarding Service (status)

    • Virtual Analyzer (status)

    • Company

    • Activation code

    • Expiration

  2. Activate your Cloud Edge license.
    1. Create a service plan.

      See Creating a Service Plan.

    2. Create a company and assign the service plan.

      See Creating a Company and Assigning the Service Plan.

  3. Renew your Cloud Edge license.
    1. Log on to the License Management Platform through Remote Manager.
    2. Follow the instructions to renew your license.