Understanding Quarantine

Quarantined messages are blocked as detected spam or other inappropriate content before delivery to an email account. Messages held in quarantine can be reviewed and manually deleted or delivered.


Trend Micro Email Security automatically deletes messages from the quarantine after 30 days.

To manage messages for other members of a managed domain, the Query screen of the administrator console must be used.

Quarantine management in the administrator console is divided into the following parts:

  • Use the Quarantine > Query screen to view a list of quarantined messages for your managed domains. You can review messages, delete them, or release them for further filtering.

    Queries include data for up to seven continuous days in one calendar month. Use more than one query to search across calendar months.

  • Use the Digest Settings screen to configure the schedule and format for the Quarantine Digest. If the digest is enabled, all domain recipients receive their own customized copy of the digest. Intended message recipients can use the End User Console to manage messages in quarantine themselves.


To allow intended recipients use the End User Console to manage messages in quarantine themselves, do the following: