Syslog Server Profiles

Trend Micro Email Security allows you to add, edit or delete syslog server profiles for syslog forwarding.

  1. Go to Logs > Syslog Settings.

    The Syslog Forwarding tab appears by default.

  2. Click the Syslog Server Profiles tab.
  3. Click Add.

    The Add Syslog Server Profile screen appears.

  4. Specify the following for a syslog server:
    • Profile name: Unique profile name for a syslog server.

    • Description: Description of this profile.

    • Server address: IP address or FQDN of the syslog server.

    • Port: Port number of the syslog server.

    • Protocol: Protocol to be used to transport logs to the syslog server.

      • TCP

      • TLS+TCP

        This option applies the Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for messages sent to the syslog server.

    • Format: Format in which event logs are sent to the syslog server.

    • Severity: Severity level assigned to syslog messages.

      • Emergency

      • Alert

      • Critical

      • Error

      • Warning

      • Notice

      • Informational

      • Debug

    • Facility:

      • user

      • mail

      • auth

      • authpriv

      • local0

      • local1

      • local2

      • local3

      • local4

      • local5

      • local6

      • local7

  5. Click Save.

    On the Syslog Server Profiles tab, the new syslog server profile appears in the profile list.

    To test the connection between the new syslog server and Trend Micro Email Security, click Test under Connection.