Sorting Policy Rules

Policy rules can be sorted only for one single domain at a time, and the domain must be successfully added and completely configured. For details about domain management, see Managing Domains.

  1. Select a domain from the Policy for drop-down list.

    All rules for the selected domain are sorted out, with the up and down arrow buttons in the Order column for each rule.


    If your domain does not pass the verification, the default virus and spam policy rules for the domain will be locked and cannot be moved. If any rule for the selected domain is locked, the rule order cannot be changed, and no up and down arrow buttons will appear.

  2. Click the up or down arrow button to move the rules up or down.

    Alternatively, double-click the order number of a rule in the Order column and specify a new order number for the rule.

    Policy rules will be reordered as you configured, and email messages will be scanned based on the new rule order.