License Information

The License Information screen provides a summary of the following:

  • Activation code: Displays the activation code.

  • Expiration date: Displays the date on which your license expires.

  • License: Displays either "Full" or "Trial" version.

  • Seat count: Displays the total number of seats assigned to your license.

Immediately after your license expires, it will go through a grace period, wherein the service continues as expected. After the grace period, your service will be suspended, and your data will be permanently deleted. To prevent unnecessary disruptions to your email service, please renew your license before it expires.

There are two ways to manage your licenses:

  • From the Licensing Management Platform

    The Licensing Management Platform allows partners to self-provision and auto-renew licenses. Contact your reseller or MSP to add, renew or extend your licenses.

  • From the Customer Licensing Portal

    Visit the Customer Licensing Portal website at and activate, register and manage your products on the portal. For details, see the supporting documentation at:

If you want to convert a trial license into a full license, do the following:

  1. Log on to the Customer Licensing Portal website (

  2. From the Customer Licensing Portal page, click Provide Key.

  3. Provide your activation code and click Continue.

    Your trial license will then be converted into a full license.