Synchronizing User Directories

The Directory Synchronize tab displays synchronization authentication key, downloads, synchronization summary and history. Click the Enable check box to enable directory synchronization. This screen consists of the following sections:

  • Synchronization Authentication Key: Displays the Synchronization Authentication Key, which is a global unique identifier for your Directory Synchronization Tool to authenticate its access to Trend Micro Email Security.

  • Downloads: Displays the download paths for the Directory Synchronization Tool and Directory Synchronization Tool User's Guide.

  • Synchronization Summary: Displays the number of valid recipients, groups and email aliases synchronized using the synchronization tool.

  • Synchronization History: Displays information about the synchronization history, including:
    • Synchronization Time

    • Sync Type: whether the synchronized data includes valid recipients, groups, email aliases or all

    • Sync Tool: synchronization tool information, including the IP address or host name of the machine where the tool is installed

    • Synchronization Result: whether the synchronization is successful or unsuccessful, or whether any groups, email aliases or policies were added or removed