Configuring Security Agent Automatic Updates

  1. Go to Updates > Agents > Automatic Update.
  2. Select the events for an Event-triggered Update:
    • Initiate component update on agents immediately after the Apex One server downloads a new component

      • Include Independent and offline agent(s)
    • Let agents initiate component update after restarting and connecting to the Apex One server (Independent agents excluded)

    • Perform Scan Now after update (Independent agents excluded)

    For details about the available options, see Event-triggered Updates.

  3. Configure the schedule for a Schedule-based Update.
    • Minute(s) or Hour(s)

      The option to Update agent configurations only once per day is available when scheduling an hourly or minute-based update frequency. The configuration file contains all Security Agent settings configured using the web console.


      Trend Micro updates components often; however, Apex One configuration settings probably change less frequently. Updating the configuration files with the components requires more bandwidth and increases the time Apex One needs to complete the update. For this reason, Trend Micro recommends updating Security Agent configurations only once per day.

    • Daily or Weekly

      Specify the time of the update and the time period the Apex One server notifies agents to update components.


      This setting prevents all online agents from simultaneously connecting to the server at the specified start time, significantly reducing the amount of traffic directed to the server. For example, if the start time is 12pm and the time period is 2 hours, Apex One randomly notifies all online agents to update components from 12pm until 2pm.


    After configuring the update schedule, enable the schedule on selected agents.

    For details on enabling scheduled-based updates, see step 4 of Configuring Update Privileges and Other Settings.

  4. Click Save.

    Apex One cannot notify offline agents immediately. Select Let agents initiate component update after restarting and connecting to the Apex One server (Independent agents excluded) to update offline agents that become online after the time period expires. Offline agents without this setting enabled update components on the next schedule or during a manual update.