About SafeSync Decryption Tool

The Trend Microâ„¢ SafeSync Decryption Tool is a free application that people can use to open files that have been protected by SafeSync as a Service.

When the Shared Protection Extension or the SafeSync Outlook Extension are enabled in SafeSync, users can encrypt files. File encryption helps protect confidential documents, such as those created by Human Resources or Finance professionals, from being viewed by unauthorized users. File encryption also helps protect confidential documents if the device on which they are stored is lost or stolen.

Authorized SafeSync users can open and modify protected files by signing in to SafeSync. The SafeSync Decryption Tool extends this functionality, enabling authorized individuals who are not SafeSync users to also open and modify protected files.

You can identify protected files by their .sptx file extension or by the lock that appears on the file icon.