Viewing Detailed Analysis

The Details screen appears after clicking View from the Detections screen.
  1. On the Dashboard screen, add the Deep Discovery Inspector Affected Hosts widget.
  2. Click a value under Detections. A window opens that display the list of detected suspicious objects.
  3. Review the list of detections, select a specific item, and then click View under the Details column.

    Consider reviewing the results of objects with High severity level. The following table provides the recommended action:

    Table 1. Recommended Actions for Virtual Analyzer Detections



    Recommended Action


    An object exhibited highly suspicious characteristics in this environment.

    Take immediate action.


    An object exhibited moderately suspicious characteristics in this environment.

    Investigate when able. Advise users to take precaution.


    An objects exhibited mildly suspicious characteristics in this environment.

    Investigate if the object is related to known threats or highly suspicious objects.


    An object that is most likely benign.

    No further action necessary.

    A window with detailed analysis appears.

  4. Select from any of the following available options:
    • Export Connection Details: Generate a report that can be opened or saved locally.
    • Related File Analysis Results: View relevant Virtual Analyzer analysis information.
    • Download Detected File under File Details: Download the sample for further analysis.

    The options Related File Analysis Results and File Details are only available when the detection log comes from Deep Discovery Inspector Virtual Analyzer.