Deep Discovery Inspector Affected Hosts Detections

Clicking a value in the Detections column of the Deep Discovery Inspector Affected Hosts widget displays a table with host-related information:

Table 1. Host-related Information

Column Name



Date and time when Deep Discovery Inspector generated the detection log


Severity rating descriptions:

  • High: Known malicious or involved in high-severity connections

  • Medium: IP address/domain/URL is unknown to reputation service

  • Low: Reputation service indicates previous compromise or spam involvement

  • Informational: An object that is most likely benign


The rule description or malware name

Threat Type

Any of the following:

  • File Pattern

  • Malicious Behavior

  • Suspicious Behavior

  • Exploit

  • Grayware

  • Web Reputation

  • Disruptive Applications

Source IP

The IP address of the source where a suspicious object originates

Destination IP

The IP address of the intended destination of a suspicious object


The protocol used when transporting a suspicious object from the source to the destination

File Name

File name extracted from the sample

Logged By

The host name of Deep Discovery Inspector that analyzed the sample


Click View to launch another window that provides detailed analysis related to the suspicious object.