File Encryption Shared Key Encryption

Use the Shared Key function to encrypt files strictly for access by members of the same policy group.

The policies are available at:

  • In Control Manager, go to Policies > Policy Management, select the policy, then modify Common policy rules. For more information, see Configuring Common Policy Rules.

  • PolicyServer MMC, set File Encryption > Encryption > Encryption Method Allowed to Group Key


    To allow any File Encryption user within the PolicyServer Enterprise, to view encrypted files, set Encryption Key Used to Enterprise Key.


File Encryption creates a new file when encrypting a file. The original file remains unencrypted in its original location.


Depending on how Windows permissions are configured, a user can view encrypted folder contents if switching between users without restarting Windows. While the file names and folder content may be viewed, the file contents are not available. This is due to Windows Operating system caching the file structure for quick search capability.