Configuring Common Policy Rules

This section explains the configurable options for policy rules affecting all Endpoint Encryption devices.

  1. Create a new Endpoint Encryption policy.

    See Creating a Policy.

  2. Click Common.

    The Common policy rules settings appear.

    Figure 1. Common Policy Rules
  3. Under Allow User to Uninstall, select Allow User (non-administrator) accounts to uninstall agent software to allow any Endpoint Encryption user to uninstall the agent.

    By default, only Enterprise Administrator accounts can uninstall Endpoint Encryption agents.

  4. Under Lockout and Lock Device Actions, configure the following options:
    • Select Lock account after <number> days to specify the number of days that the Endpoint Encryption device locks if it does not synchronize policies.

    • Select Failed log on attempts allowed to specify how many times that a user can attempt to authenticate before the Endpoint Encryption device locks.

    • For Full Disk Encryption or File Encryption devices, separately configure the following:

      • Use Device locked action to specify whether the "Remote Authentication" or the "Erase" action occurs at lockout.


        For information about lock options, see Account Lockout and Device Lock Actions

      • Use Number of minutes to lock device to specify the duration that time delay locks the Endpoint Encryption device from authentication

  5. Under Password, configure the following options:
    • Select Users must change password after <number> days to control when a user is prompted to update password.

    • Select Users cannot reuse the previous <number> passwords to specify how many previous passwords the user may reuse.

    • Select Number of consecutive characters allowed in a password to specify how many repeated characters a user may specify in the password.

    • Select Minimum length allowed for passwords to specify how many characters the user is required to use in the password.

  6. Under Password Requirements, specify the password character limitations.
    • Letters

    • Lowercase characters

    • Uppercase characters

    • Numbers

    • Symbols


    The sum total of letters, numbers, and symbols cannot exceed 255 characters.