Step 3: Specify the Display Sequence

  1. Click Change Column Display.

    The Select Display Sequence screen appears.

  2. From the Available Fields list, select the data view columns to display when the query returns information.

    Selected columns highlight.


    Select the columns one at a time or use the SHIFT or CTRL keys to select multiple columns.

    Selecting and adding one column at a time is one method that allows users to specify the sequence in which the information displays.
  3. Click () to include the fields in the Selected Fields list.

    Selected columns appear in the Selected Fields list.

  4. Continue selecting and adding columns until you have all the columns you require.
  5. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons, after selecting a column in the Selected Fields list, to specify the display sequence of the information. The column at the top of the list appears as the left-most column in the returned query.
  6. Click Back.

    The Step 3: Query Criteria screen appears.