Mail Scan Privileges and Other Settings

When agents have the mail scan privileges, the Mail Scan option displays on the OfficeScan agent console. The Mail Scan option shows the POP3 mail scan.

The following table describes the POP3 mail scan program.

Table 1. Mail Scan Programs




Scans POP3 email messages for viruses/malware


  • Must be enabled by administrators from the web console before users can use it

  • Action against viruses/malware configurable from the OfficeScan agent console but not from the web console

Scan types supported

Real-time Scan

Scanning is done as email messages are retrieved from the POP3 mail server.

Scan results

  • Information about detected security risks available after scanning is complete

  • Scan results not logged on the OfficeScan agent console’s Logs screen

  • Scan results not sent to the server

Other details

Shares the OfficeScan NT Proxy Service (TMProxy.exe) with the web reputation feature