Protect OfficeScan Agent Processes

Control Manager blocks all attempts to terminate the following processes:

  • TmListen.exe: Receives commands and notifications from the Control Manager server and facilitates communication from the OfficeScan agent to the server

  • NTRtScan.exe: Performs Real-time, Scheduled, and Manual Scan on OfficeScan agents

  • TmProxy.exe: Scans network traffic before passing it to the target application

  • TmPfw.exe: Provides packet level firewall, network virus scanning, and intrusion detection capabilities

  • TMBMSRV.exe: Regulates access to external storage devices and prevents unauthorized changes to registry keys and processes

  • DSAgent.exe: Monitors the transmission of sensitive data and controls access to devices

  • PccNTMon.exe: This process is responsible for starting the OfficeScan agent console

  • TmCCSF.exe: Performs Browser Exploit Prevention and memory scanning