Configuring Malware Behavior Blocking, Event Monitoring, and the Exception List

  1. Select Enable Malware Behavior Blocking for known and potential threats and select one of the following:
    • Known threats: Blocks behaviors associated with known malware threats

    • Known and potential threats: Blocks behavior associated with known threats and takes action on behavior that is potentially malicious

  2. Configure Event Monitoring settings.
    1. Select Enable Event Monitoring.
    2. Choose the system events to monitor and select an action for each of the selected events. For information about monitored system events and actions, see Event Monitoring.
  3. Configure the exception lists.
    1. Under Type the full program path, type the full path of the program to approve or block. Separate multiple entries with semicolons (;).
    2. Click Add to Approved List or Add to Blocked List.
    3. To remove a blocked or approved program from the list, click the trash bin icon () next to the program.

      Control Manager accepts a maximum of 100 approved programs and 100 blocked programs.