Filtering by Criteria


This option is only available for OfficeScan settings.

  1. Click Set Filter.

    The Filter by Criteria screen appears.

  2. Select the following options and define the criteria. Control Manager assigns an endpoint to the policy if the target matches all of the selected criteria.
    • Match keywords in: Define keywords based on the host name or Control Manager display name.

    • IP addresses

      • Policy management only supports IPv4 addresses.

      • When a new managed product or endpoint registers to Control Manager, it takes about an hour for the managed product or endpoint to become available for search by IP address.

    • Operating systems

    • Product Directory: Select a folder from the Product Directory.

  3. Click Save.

    Control Manager can only assign endpoints without policies to a new filtered policy. To re-allocate an endpoint already assigned to a filtered policy, move another filtered policy with the matching criteria up the priority list.