Virus Pattern

The Trend Micro Scan Engine uses an external data file, called the virus pattern file. It contains information that helps Worry-Free Business Security identify the latest viruses and other Internet threats such as Trojan horses, mass mailers, worms, and mixed attacks. New virus pattern files are created and released several times a week, and any time a particularly threat is discovered.

All Trend Micro antivirus programs using the ActiveUpdate function can detect the availability of a new virus pattern file on the Trend Micro server. Administrators can schedule the antivirus program to poll the server every week, day, or hour to get the latest file.

Download virus pattern files from the following website (information about the current version, release date, and a list of all the new virus definitions included in the file is available):

The scan engine works together with the virus pattern file to perform the first level of detection, using a process called pattern matching.