Trend Micro™ Threat Discovery Appliance is available both as a device and as a virtual application installed on a VMware server.

The following terminology is used throughout the documentation:

Terminology used in the documentation




Threat Discovery Appliance in device form.

virtual appliance

Threat Discovery Appliance as a virtual application installed on a VMware server; its full name is Threat Discovery Virtual Appliance.

Threat Discovery Appliance

Pertains to both the appliance and virtual appliance. Also referred to as "product" in many instances.

The product documentation consists of the following:

Product documentation



Quick Start Guide

Guides users in setting up and connecting the appliance to the network

Administrator’s Guide

A PDF document that discusses product setup and configuration


HTML files compiled in WebHelp format that provide "how to's", usage advice, and field-specific information.

To access the Help, open the product console and then click the help icon.


Readme file

Contains a list of known issues and basic installation steps. It may also contain late-breaking product information not found in the Help or printed documentation

License Agreement

License agreements for Threat Discovery Appliance and third-party applications

Knowledge Base

An online database of problem-solving and troubleshooting information. It provides the latest information about known product issues. To access the Knowledge Base, go to the following Web site:

The Quick Start Guide, Administrator’s Guide, and readme file are available in the Threat Discovery Appliance Solutions CD and at the following Web site: