Spam Engine and Spam Pattern Files

ScanMail uses the Trend Micro spam engine and Trend Micro spam pattern files to detect and take action against spam messages. Trend Micro updates both the engine and pattern file frequently and makes them available for download. ScanMail can download these components through a manual or scheduled update.

The spam engine makes use of spam signatures and heuristic rules to screen email messages. It scans email messages and assigns a spam score to each one based on how closely it matches the rules and patterns from the pattern file. ScanMail compares the spam score to the user-defined spam detection level. When the spam score exceeds the detection level, ScanMail takes action against the spam. You cannot modify the method that the spam engine uses to assign spam scores, but they can adjust the detection levels used by ScanMail to decide what is spam and what is not spam.

For example: Many spammers use many exclamation marks, or more than one consecutive exclamation mark (!!!!) in their email messages. When ScanMail detects a message that uses exclamation marks this way, it increases the spam score for that email message.


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