Preparing Amazon EC2 Instances Parent topic

SecureCloud Hosted Service allows users to install the SecureCloud Agent on Amazon EC2 instances. The following steps outline the steps a user must take before installing the SecureCloud Agent on an Amazon EC2 instance.


  1. Create an Identity and Access Management (IAM) Role supported by SecureCloud.
    SecureCloud requires that users set certain permissions when creating this IAM Role. See Creating an IAM Role for SecureCloud for more information.
  2. Launch the desired Amazon EC2 instance.
  3. Configure the Amazon EC2 instance.
    1. On the Step 1: Choose AMI screen, select an operating system that SecureCloud supports for Amazon EC2 integration.
      Refer to Amazon EC2 Integration Limitations for a list of operating systems that SecureCloud supports for Amazon EC2 integration.
    2. On the Step 3: Configure Instance Details screen, select an IAM Role supported by SecureCloud, such as the one created in Step 1.
      This step is essential. After the instance is fully launched, you will be unable to set or change this role.
    Configure the other parts of the instance as necessary.