Delete, Restore, or Download Quarantined Files

After performing a quarantine query, you can delete, restore, or download the file as required. However, to protect your system, virus infected files cannot be downloaded.  The following describes the options available in the Quarantine Query results window:

To delete, restore, or download a quarantined file:

  1. Perform a quarantine query as described in Quarantine Query.

  2. From the Quarantined results window, select the files you want to delete or restore and click:

  3. Click Delete to permanently delete the selected file(s)

  4. Click Restore to restore the selected files to the original location

  5. For Content filtering, File blocking, Data protection, and Unscannable files, you can click the File Name link to start a file download. You will have the option to open or save the file to the location you choose.

  6. Click the column headings to sort the quarantined results according to the heading label (Date/Time, File Name, and so on).

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