Denying Write Access to Files and Folders Parent topic

Viruses/Malware can modify or delete files and folders on the host computers. During an outbreak, configure OfficeScan to prevent viruses/malware from modifying or deleting files and folders on OfficeScan client computers.


  1. Navigate to Networked ComputersOutbreak Prevention.
  2. In the client tree, click the root domain icon (icon_root-4.bmp) to include all clients or select specific domains or clients.
  3. Click Start Outbreak Prevention.
  4. Click Deny write access to files and folders.
  5. Type the directory path. When you finish typing the directory path you want to protect, click Add.
    Type the absolute path, not the virtual path, for the directory.
  6. Specify the files to protect in the protected directories. Select all files or files based on specific file extensions. For file extensions, specify an extension that is not in the list, type it in the text box, and then click Add.
  7. To protect specific files, under Files to Protect, type the full file name and click Add.
  8. Click Save.
    The Outbreak Prevention Settings screen displays again.
  9. Click Start Outbreak Notification.
    The outbreak prevention measures you selected display in a new window.